written by Flor Flores 7 February, 2017

Cheers to a new year, and Cheers to my return to the blog!!

After couple month far away with justification, what better way to star our 2017 strong that bringing you a bunch of stories that are from your interest. You can´t imagine how happy I am right now! I´ve waiting  this day for so long.

All this month’s I´ve missed communicating with you all.  I´ve discovered that more than a hobby, writing was a passion, and I needed to comeback to do what I really liked. Didn´t I?  This is a great occasion to cheer for this new beginning that I am starting with you guys!

To the new readers, let me tell you that three years ago I started this adventure; a blog to relieve all my energy, fears, frustrations, what I liked and what inspired me. Here you were able to see post about fashion, motivation, general experience, and even poems (you can still find them)

This time I am coming back with so much energy, trying to influence your lives more and more through this platform, but the focus will go further.

WHAT IS MY GOAL? : I want you guys to identify through my stories and through the experience of some people that are doing things differently. I will bring to you their story through this platform. I want to motivate you all to live a life far away from the common denominator and at the same time I want to bring you experience from a daily life.

WHAT WILL YOU BE ABLE TO SEE?:  I will still post about fashion, because I consider myself a girl with mix styles that just go with the flow with colors and textures. I will tell you experiences that I had while I lived for 4 years in another country. You will also be able to see my travel diary and  a new section call This is Panama, for the one who does not know their country(Panamanians) ,to  start to explore it, and for the one who does not know this beautiful place, to come NOW and get to know it, because there is so much beauty in here. Also I am bringing you an Interviews Section that is cooking right now, lifestyle post, tips, and some advices for your daily life with some personal opinions.

FROM THE ORDINARY TO THE EXTRAORDINARY :  is the slogan of my blog, because I consider myself an ordinary girl who is trying to live life in an extraordinary way. There are so many people like me, living in the same way, and the ones who are not doing it; I want to inspire them to start doing it. That is why I am here, to motivate you with the life’s of other people as well, because those are life’s that need to be shared, and stories and experiences that deserved to be posted.

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Ohh, I was forgetting to tell you that I will launch a YouTube Channel very very SOON! I want to get into your homes faster. (And for the ones that are not reading lovers, you should check that out soon)

Thanks for reading,



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