written by Flor Flores 9 February, 2015

Hello Hello Everybody, Today I’m posting some pictures that I promise a lot of time ago. The last ones from  Jorge Alonso from @Alonso’sChitre that he got to take during Christmas Break. I hope you all have a amazing week. My absence don’t have another name more than : UNIVERSITY. Te life that I do have, but at the same time I don’t, because I spend my energies not just in classes but also in work, organizations, services projects, and many other activities which I describe as the “Perfect way to being around stress 24/7 but at the same time that makes me do not miss what I love the most: my friends and family that are far away in home” The stress ain’t good. I do not recommend it to anybody, because not everybody can handle it. I can, and I will write about that later. But this week that just past, was one of those busy, stressed and nostalgic weeks. I keept thinking a lot on all these years that will never come back. Friendships, activities, culture, independence, responsibilities, leadership, adventures, and many other things that this time have gave me as a gift. And even thought I want to graduate NOWm it is impossible to do not get sad about thinking on it. It seems that was yesterday that I came as an inexpert freshman girl. Now with two and a half more semesters before graduate, the girl that came with wants of leaving, the one that was super adapted at her style of living in Panama, and the one that found many complains in here, is the one that is getting nostalgic. Even thought I complained a lot at the beginning, I decided to take advantage of my time because I did not come in here to just get two degrees, but also I came to experience a little bit about what I was interested on and inclined on. Ti’ll today, that is how everything has work. I still on my seventh semester far away from home, far away from my friendships and everything with what I grew up with, but I still happy because God have surprise me daily with many many gift interpreted in different ways.

Well, coming back to the pictures, I can say that they are just TOO ME. The outfit is kinda crazy and bold. The black and white are essentials in your closet. The print colors have always transmitted me happiness, and it’s never too bad to wear them on a cute blazer. Shorts always have been part of my life. If I could use them daily I would.  Sadly the weather do not let me. The hairstyle was super basic, one of those that you just improvise and try to put as manny bobby pins and see what it comes from that. I ended loving it. It was so long ago that I took studio pictures, here are some of them. Hope you guys likes it.


Flor 🙂


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