written by Flor Flores 29 abril, 2016

Sam Walton, creator of one of the biggest enterprises in the world Walmart, traveled to Central America and Mexico many years ago, and saw talented students to who he wanted to give the opportunity of a better education. With more than 25 years since he created the Walton Scholarship, he has been able to shape and build students in order to bring back to their countries and be national and international leaders.  Thanks to him, and his amazing foundation, I came four years ago to live in a different country and seeking to reach my dreams and goals of becoming a great leader.

Sometimes people call me by my personal my name, and sometimes they call me by my country’s name. Being call Panama brings me memories and pride. It means that I am   connection, a worldwide bridge, and the unity of two oceans in one. Being called Panama means the whole world to me.

As a goal oriented young girl, who’s vision is mix culture, business and service, I want to give back to the country that have gave me so much. I want to help my people; I want to let the world know that we are more than their points of views, which might just be the cover of a book and not the whole book.

April 3rd of this year was an important day for the worldwide journalism and also an important date for disrupted economy across boarders. This time, the whole world was talking bad about the country that I call my first home. Frontiers were broken and the country was judged for a global crime, summarized into a national phrase that judged four million of people for the actions of couple of just them. The big event was named “Panama Papers”. The offshore society, who different articles mentioned, talked about different companies that had been registered in the Panamanian territory, where they never had any kind of business activity. This was made in order to avoid taxes, hide wealth and put in practice different illegal activities. The investigation that has eleven and a half million of documents signed behind the firm of Monssac Fonseca lawyers firm, was called on MY NAME; the name of MY COUNTRY: Panama.  And I ask myself, why do I need to carry a crime of others?

As I studied the spread of micro and macro economics and the increment on globalization in the latest years, I have evaluate the latest advances that I see every time I come back to my home land. While I notice that the country is changing, I have been in a foreign country trying to make small impacts in order to learn how to make my national economy and also world economy a better world. But right now, there is prove of a disrupted globalization in my own country. The communication, which is linked to globalization, is not being what it is supposed to be.  Hundreds of communication channels from more than seventy countries used the Panama Papers name in order to recognize the financial crime that have was committed. All the borders and all the walls were surpassed, and thousand of miles away I felt the need to defend it.

Couple of years ago, while dancing and representing the typical traditions of my country in a Latin Fest in Searcy, Arkansas, United States, I wrote on another article of my blog about how proud I was from being from Panama and about different perspective that other nationalities had regarding to me and my culture. As I wrote, I realize that we all thought differently, and that I need to explore deeply different points of view regarding to where you come from and the values you have lived with.

I graduated a week ago, with two Bachelors in Business Administration in Marketing and International Business and as I consider the world needs a catchy name to sell ideas; ethics play an important role on business and communication. When the new is bad, titles judge millions of people, and when the news are good, usually they are never the most attractive ones.

For example, last year the Summit of the Americas was held in Panama, and the biggest leaders of the countries of the American continent got to discus important worldwide topics. The youth population also got to speak their word and be part of a debate on the topic of prosperity, with equity: the challenge of the cooperation in the Americas. With that, you can see there is people who want to do good, and bright minds who want to be bigger. Similarly, Ruben Blades, a Panamanian author and singer sings in one of his song what is Panama for him. He says “ Panama son las paredes de un barrio, es su esperanza morena: es lo que se lleva en el alma, todo aquel cuando se aleja. ¡Patria, son tantas cosas bellas.” Panama are so many things. Panama is the Canal.


Panama is the Pollera, the folklore, the farmer who wakes up very early in their rural areas in order to go work and gain the daily bread. Panama is opportunities of thousands of foreigners who have chosen this land as the second home. Panama is the Casco Viejo, the Old Panama, The Cinta Costera, the Museum of the Biodiversity, The Americas Bridge and Centenario Bridge. Panama is the Land of hardworking people with a mix of cultures, beaches and islands.  Panama is the thin “S” full of forest and animals. Panama are the tourists, the handmade crafts by indians, the Mola, and the Chaquira. Panama is the country who gathered the Americas and saw Cuba and United States shaking hands after many years. Panama is me, and Panama can be you.

A country is more than what the interrupted communication can say. Even thought the technological advances in the past four years have been very noticeable in Panama; the communication between borders has not always results as it is expected to be. Thus, family values and education plays the most important role on building professionals with ethical perspective who can lead the economic world. It’s then the challenge of the millennial, who are leading and are going to lead the macroeconomics of the world, and who will be the ones to create, develop, invest and innovate in different sectors.

Having to represent a country that is in the mouth of the world today isn’t easy. On contrast, it makes me want to do a difference and show the world the strength on the people who is committed to serve and leaves behind their personal interest.  I still proud of the place I come from because I know I did not do anything wrong. From the wrong we learn and from the good we imitate and improve. Culture, globalization and communication go hand by hand on disruption and there is still a lot of work to do in order to fix it. Is not enough being the bridge for big ships to transport different types of merchandise around the world; but we have to be a cultural communication bridge who shows the world that the connections goes further than papers.


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